Her Grace Madam Winifred Hall DOA

30th May 1945 - 11th April 2016

Winifred Hall was the grandmother of Emperor Adam I. She was born and raised in Lupset, Wakefield, UK and married Reginald Hall in 1966. She had five children: Jayne, Christopher, Andrew, Julie and David.

Winifred lived in White Gold Palace when it was annexed to the Empire in April 2013 and became the Duchess of Tytannia, giving her a seat on the Ruling Council. She was appointed by her daughter, the Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne, as Minister of the Environment in September 2013. She also became Countess of Sapientia. She held all three of these positions until her death in April 2016.

Winifred will be forever remembered by the Empire of Adammia for building the family which the Empire is itself built around. Although she was not an active participant in Adammic politics, there is no doubt that had she not built a family as close-knit as the House of Hall, the Empire as we know it would not be possible. Her efforts behind the scenes organising events such as the Foundation Day celebrations held at her residence, along with the counsel she offered to her children and grandchildren who hold key positions within the Empire to this day, have earned her the Empire's upmost respect.