Imperial Mail is the official postal service of the Empire of Adammia, led by a Postmaster General (currently Emperor Adam I) under the guidance of the Ministry of National Development. Imperial Mail can be used to deliver messages to anybody in the Empire of Adammia.

How to use Imperial Mail

Imperial Mail can deliver mail recieved by email, given to the Postmaster General, or sent to one of its designated post offices. Mail sent in via email is free, simply email your message to with the subject "Mail". If you wish to use any other method, you must first affix a stamp to whatever you want delivering. These can be bought for 5p from the Postmaster General or from a post office. Imperial Mail will not deliver physical mail which does not have a stamp attached.

Please note that we only support sending physical mail to the Adammic provinces and people near to the Provinces (usually within a 10 mile radius). As a result we do not support sending physical mail to Creatuxia, the Ordo Vladius or any other extension of the Empire beyond the influence of the Provinces. We can, however, forward emails, or scan physical mail to then send electronically.

Imperial Mail will deliver based on macronational or micronational addresses, however we prefer and encourage the use of micronational addresses as macronational addresses are often sensitive information protected under Imperial Decree VII for security reasons. Please see this page for a list of postcodes to use micronationally.