This page is intended to be a rough guide to the key individuals in the Empire of Adammia and some of the main powers and positions that they hold.

NOTE: Some of the images on this page are missing and will be added at a later date.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I

Emperor Adam, often referred to as The Emperor, is the Founder of Adammia, having created it in April 2013. He is a member of the Liberal-Moderate Party.


As Monarch, Emperor Adam is the Head of State. This means he can create laws through an Imperial Decree, but the Imperial Parliament can vote to overturn these Decrees if they deem it necessary. He must give Imperial Consent to all Acts of Parliament that are passed in order for them to enter into law. The Monarch may also claim or annex new land to the Empire, give out titles to any individual, pardon citizens for crimes, bestow citizenship to non-citizens, and organise meetings of the Ruling Council as its official Chair. He can set the dates for elections, and remove the Prime Minister from office at any time. Only the Monarch can officially recognise another state as sovereign. The Monarch can also induct Knights or Dames into the Order of Adammia and the Order of the Meerkat, as the Sovereign of those orders.

Lord Chancellor of State

The Emperor is the Lord Chancellor which is a very important administrative position. It means that he is in charge of organising elections, keeping records of Ruling Council meetings, looking after the Line of Succession and generally keeping the state running smoothly.

Grand Marshal of the Military, Field Marshal of the Army, Grand Admiral of the Navy, Air Chief Marshal of the Air Force

Emperor Adam is the leader of all three branches of the Military and the overall leader of the Military itself.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Emperor was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by the Prime Minister. This means he represents the Empire overseas as its main ambassador. He is the main Adammic delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational.

Minister of Defence

The Emperor has been appointed by the Prime Minister as Minister of Defence. This makes him responsible for the civilian administration of the Adammic Military, amongst other things.


-Governor of Lagentia

-Cabinet Secretary

-Director-Administrator of AISA, giving him shared control over the national space agency with the Minister of National Development

-Director-General of AOB (Adammic Online Broadcasting)

-Editor of the Adammic Express newspaper

-CEO of Imperial Holdings Ltd., which owns Top Hat Software, AB Animation Ltd. and Adammic Investment Ltd.

-Director of the Imperial Bank of Adammia

-Curator of the Adammic National Gallery

-President of the Liberal-Moderate Party

-President of the Adammic Esports Association

-President of the Adammic Chess Association

-Postmaster-General of Imperial Mail

-Director of numerous Government Agencies

Lord Michael

His Grace Lord Sir Charles Michael, 2nd Duke of Metchlia PM COA

Lord Sir Charles Michael became involved in Adammia through the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats in 2019, and quickly ascended to the Liberal-Moderate leadership after Lord Helliker stood down. His party won the most seats in the first general election to the House of Citizens and he became Adammia's sixth Prime Minister after forming a coalition with the Dank Party. Despite again winning the most seats in the 2020 election, he was unable to continue as Prime Minister due to a coalition of parties opposed to his government, and he became Leader of the Opposition. After serving as Minister of Defence in the cross-party unity government of 2021-22, Lord Michael returned to the Lib-Mod leadership and led them to victory in the 2022 general election, returning as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister

As Prime Minister, Lord Michael is the Head of the Imperial Government. It is his responsibility to make sure that the laws and instructions of the Imperial Parliament are carried out. He can appoint different members of the Ruling Council to be Ministers of the various government departments.

Minister of Finance

Lord Michael holds a very important position in charge of the Ministry of Finance. He is responsible for overseeing the Treasury and taxation, and has a major role in drafting the annual Budget.


-Leader of the Liberal-Moderate Party

Sir Edward Hilton

The Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Hilton DPM COA

Sir Ned Hilton is Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Citizenship and Information and a deputy leader of the Liberal-Moderates. He is also the Prime Minister of Wazakhstan, a micronation which is allied with Adammia.

Deputy Prime Minister

Hilton serves as Deputy Prime Minister. This means that he has the role of carrying out the Prime Minister's duties if he is not available.

Minister of Citizenship and Information

As Minister of Citizenship and Information, Hilton is responsible for citizen records as well as the Imperial Archive, the Imperial Statistics Office and the Imperial Institutes of History and Geography.


-Deputy Leader of the Liberal-Moderate Party

Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne

Emperor Mother Jayne served as Adammia's first Prime Minister from 2013 to 2016, and founded the Moderate Party. After several years out of politics, she became Councilor of Greater Tytannia in 2020 and now serves as Minister of National Development as a member of the Lib-Mods.

Minister of National Development

The Emperor Mother runs the Ministry of National Development, a wide-reaching department which covers culture, science and technology, the environment, transport and communications.


-Deputy Chief Advisor to the Monarch

-Cabinet Office Director of Events

Lord Green

Lord Sir James Green, 1st Count of North Astonia COA

Lord James Green is the leader of the Radical Left Party, and is currently the Leader of the Opposition. He was previously leader of the Liberal-Moderates and served as a caretaker Prime Minister after the 2021 general election, where there were not enough candidates for there to be a contested vote. Before the 2022 general election he left the Lib-Mods to found the new Radical Left Party alongside his communications advisor Lord Joe Norris.

Leader of the Opposition

As the leader of the largest party not in government within the Ruling Council, Lord Green acts as the Leader of the Opposition, an important parliamentary role for holding the government accountable.


-Leader of the Radical Left Party

-Governor of New Astonia

Lady Peace

Her Grace Lady Madam Hermione Peace, 1st Duchess of Casa del Dank DGCM

Lady Hermione Peace is a friend of the Emperor through the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats. She founded the Dank Party in 2018 and was first appointed to the Cabinet as Minister of National Development in a reshuffle late in Lord Helliker's term. Shortly thereafter she was appointed as the Emperor's Director of Communications. She joined Lord Saunders' first government, retaining her original ministry whilst also taking control of the new, largely titular Ministry of Memes. Following the 2019 election, she changed her party's position and supported Lord Michael's government, becoming Deputy Prime Minister. Following the 2020 election, she left government for the first time in almost two and a half years, but shortly thereafter was appointed as the Emperor's Private Secretary.

Emperor's Private Secretary

As private secretary to the Monarch, Lady Peace is responsible for managing the Office of the Emperor. This involves advising on the Emperor's official speeches, accompanying the Emperor to various events, and overseeing other staff which report directly to the Emperor rather than other branches of government. In theory she is a link between the Emperor and other components of the state.


-President of the Dank Party

Lord Colonel Hall

His Grace Lord Colonel Sir Reginald Hall, 1st Archduke of North Adammia KGCM

Sir Reginald Hall, the grandfather of the Emperor, is the Empire's oldest politician. He has a long history of occupying key positions such as being the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. Today, he is mostly retired, but continues to be the Archduke of North Adammia and the Emperor's Chief Advisor.

Chief Advisor to the Monarch

Sir Reginald holding the title of Chief Advisor was one of the first political positions that the Emperor assigned during the early days of the Empire. He still holds the position to this day. As the title suggests, the role is to advise the Emperor on important matters, whenever His Imperial Majesty requires it.


-Treasurer of His Majesty's Imperial Treasury

-CEO of Capital Brewery Ltd.

-Lord Mayor of Imperial City

-Colonel of the 1st Ranger Regiment

Lord Helliker

His Grace Lord Sir Alexander Helliker, 2nd Archduke of South Adammia KCM KOV

Lord Sir Alex Helliker was the first person to sign up for Adammic citizenship after the Empire was founded, after meeting the Emperor in an online forum community. He later became the Emperor's housemate when the two coincidentally began studying at the University of Birmingham in 2016, and he served a term as Prime Minister after assuming leadership of the Moderate Party from Emperor Mother Jayne in 2017. He oversaw the merger of the Liberal and Moderate parties into the Lib-Mods in 2018, but failed to be re-elected as PM and became Leader of the Opposition. After stepping down as LMP leader in 2019, he defected to the Storm Party, a move which ultimately cost him a seat in the first House of Citizens. He returned to front-line politics in 2020 when he defected again, this time from Storm to Lord Saunders' new Independent Party, and he subsequently became Minister of Defence.

Attorney General

As Attorney General, Lord Helliker is the official legal counsel to the Emperor, is responsible for representing the Imperial Government in court, and acts as the prosecution in criminal cases.


-Legal Advisor to the Monarch

Lord Saunders

His Grace Lord Sir Juliano Saunders, 1st Archduke of Outer Adammia KCM

Lord Juliano Saunders is the leader of the Independent Party. He is only the second person to be elected to multiple terms as prime minister, and the first to serve non-consecutive terms. He originally became involved in Adammia in 2018 when he founded the Storm Party, after meeting the Emperor through the Computer Science course they were studying at the University of Birmingham together.


-Leader of the Independent Party

Other figures

-His Imperial Highness Emperor Father Kevin KCM - Lord Mayor of Adamsville

-His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Daniel KCM - The Emperor's brother, the Heir to the Throne

-His Imperial Highness Prince Jake KCM - Former Prime Minister, the Emperor's brother, second-in-line to the Throne, Count of Primoria

-His Grace Lord Sir Paul McKenna COA - Former Prime Minister, Duke of Greater Tytannia

-Her Grace Lady Emily Simpson DCM - Duchess of Llanadda, former Leader of the Opposition, former naval officer

-Her Grace Lady Sophie Thornton DCM - Duchess of Sheaffia, former Minister of Citizenship and Information, former Minister of Foreign Affairs

-Her Grace Lucy Griffiths MM - Duchess of Corellia, member of the Storm Party

-Lord Patrick Vladek - Grand Master of the Ordo Vladius

-The Hon. Colonel Sir Will McCracken COA - Judge, former colonial governor, Colonel of the 3rd Infantry Regiment

-The Hon. Sir Grant Hawkins COA - Judge, former colonial governor

-Lord Sir Sam Maude KCM - Count of Elgaria, Adammic Ambassador to the United Kingdom, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Speaker of the House of Citizens, former Minister of Finance

-Lady Madam Anna Worthington COA - Baroness of the Jebediah Hills, former Minister of Patriotism, former Leader of the Opposition, de-jure President of the Storm Party

-Lord Sir Callum Gurr KCM - Baron of the Tytannia Highlands, former co-Deputy Prime Minister, de-facto acting co-leader of the Storm Party

-Lord Colonel Sir Asher Bond COA - Count of East Corellia, former co-Deputy Prime Minister, de-facto acting co-leader of the Storm Party

-Lord Sir Patrick Gilbert COA - Count of West Sheaffia, former Minister of National Development

-Lord General Sir Alex Read COA - Count of West Corellia, General of the 3rd Infantry Division and Chief of Staff of the Adammic Army

-Commodore Sir Joe Daniels COA - Commodore of the 2nd Imperial Air Group and Chief of Staff of the Adammic Air Force, former minister

-Lord Admiral Sir Christopher Hall KM - Duke of Myway, Admiral of the 1st Imperial Fleet, Chief of Staff of the Adammic Navy

-Lord Oscar Gilmour KOV - Governor of Xanada, former Minister of Defence, former Liberal-Moderate deputy leader, member of the Adammic Chess Association Board of Directors

-Lord General Sir Guy Crossland COA, Slayer of the Mighty Nokia - General of the 1st Infantry Division, Baron of the Imperial Plains, and an old school friend of the Emperor's

-General Sir Luca Panconi KCM - General of the 2nd Infantry Division, former Deputy Prime Minister, member of the Lib-Mods