Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the government department responsible for the Empire's relations with other micronations. It conducts diplomacy and oversees the signing of treaties.

Relations with other nations

The Empire will recognise most stable micronations which have existed for longer than a few months.

Nations with which Adammia has a military alliance

-The Mohawk Empire

Nations with which Adammia has mutual recognition and formal diplomacy treaties

-Union of Mercia and Lurk
-The Kingdom of Wyvern
-The Kingdom of Überstadt
-The Kingdom of Florenia
-The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
-The Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic
-The Abeldane Empire and Commonwealth
-The Empire of Austenasia
-The Kingdom of Wazakhstan
-The Republic of Ashukovo
-The Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall
-The Commonwealth of New Virginia
-The Tsardom of Nolland

Nations recognised by Adammia with informal relations

-The Republic of Molossia
-The Reylan Imperial Triumvirate
-The Grand Duchy of Natal
-The Kingdom of Talossa
-The Herbatrean Federation
-The State of Sandus
-The Kingdom of Juclandia
-The Royal Republic of Ladonia
-The Empire of Iustus
-The Principality of Posaf
-The Commonwealth of Essexia
-Gymnasium State
-The Commonwealth of Uskor
-The Empire of Paravia
-The Uber-Essian Union
-The Kingdom of Lytera
-The Serene Beaconite Republic
-The Empire of Aenopia
-The Union of Millania and New Granada
-The Technocratic Republic of Theodia
-The Federal Union of Wegmat
-New Florence
-Desert District
-The Principality of Sancratosia
-The New Richmond Republic
-The Principality of Wildflower Meadows
-The Kingdom of the Grove

Nations recognised by Adammia, but with none or hardly any contact

-The Principality of Sealand
-The Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
-The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
-Antigua and Barbuda
-The Commonwealth of Australia
-The Commonwealth of the Bahamas
-New Zealand
-The Independent State of Papua New Guinea
-The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
-Saint Lucia
-Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
-Solomon Islands
-The Kingdom of Spain
-The Hellenic Republic (Greece)
-The Republic of Chile
-The Republic of the Marshall Islands
-The Principality of Monaco
-The Republic of Singapore
-The Republic of South Africa
-The Republic of Kosovo
-The Republic of Korea
-The United States of America
-The French Republic
-The Kingdom of the Netherlands
-The Kingdom of Denmark
-The Kingdom of Norway
-The Kingdom of Sweden
-The Republic of Finland
-The Federal Republic of Germany
-The Italian Republic
-The Republic of Austria
-The Empire of Japan
-The Republic of Malta
-The Sovereign Military Order of Malta
-The Principality of Seborga
-The Kingdom of Belgium
-The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
-The Portuguese Republic
-The Swiss Confederation
-The Principality of Liechtenstein
-The Republic of North Macedonia
-The Republic of Albania
-The Federative Republic of Brazil
-Bosnia and Herzeogvina
-The Republic of Bulgaria
-The Republic of Poland
-The Republic of Indonesia
-The Slovak Republic
-The Republic of Cyprus
-The Republic of Croatia
-The Czech Republic
-The Republic of Estonia
-The Republic of Moldova
-The Republic of Ireland
-The Republic of Lithuania
-The Republic of Latvia
-The Republic of India
-The Republic of Slovenia
-The Kingdom of Copan
-The Grand Duchy of Westarctica


-Grand Unified Micronational (GUM)

Multilateral treaties

-Wrythe Convention
-Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational
-Edgbaston Covention


-Mohawk Empire: Colonel Sir Will McCracken
-United Kingdom: Lord Sir Sam Maude
-Grand Unified Micronational: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I, Colonel Sir Will McCracken, Her Grace Lady Hermione Peace


His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
(Liberal-Moderate Party)


His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
2013 - 2018
(Liberal Party)

His Grace Lord Sir Sam Maude, 3rd Duke of Serkatia KCM KOF BA
2018 - 2019
(Labour Party)

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
2019 - 2020
(Liberal-Moderate Party)

Her Grace Lady Madam Sophie Thornton, 1st Duchess of Sheaffia MP DCM
2020 - 2021
(Red Green Alliance)

His Grace Lord Sir Juliano Saunders, 1st Archduke of Outer Adammia MP KCM
2021 - 2022
(Independent Party)