The Imperial Companies Agency is an agency of operated by the Ministry of Finance. It is responsible for maintaining a register of all companies operating in the Empire and handling their records. It was created on the 3rd of May 2014 by the Economy Act 2014. The first director of the Companies Agency, Emperor Adam I, was appointed by the Minister of Finance, Sir Reginald Hall, during a Cabinet meeting on the 31st of May 2014.

Companies Register

-Capital Brewery Ltd.
-AB Animation Ltd. (subsidiary of Imperial Holdings)
-Adammic Online Broadcasting (state-owned)
-Adammic Express (state-owned)
-Imperial Mail (state-owned)
-Top Hat Software (subsidiary of Imperial Holdings)
-Adammic Investment Ltd. (subsidiary of Imperial Holdings)
-Imperial Holdings Ltd.
-Imperial Bank of Adammia

Full citizens of the Empire may register a new company with the ICA through mail to its office at Asquith House, 1 Randouler Way, Turing, Lagentia LG1 001, or the standard email Remember that all companies are taxed by a percentage of their profits no greater than 25%.