AISA is the official space agency of the Empire. It is managed by the Ministry of National Development. Its Director-Administrator is Emperor Adam I.

Project Andromeda

Project Andromeda is currently AISA's only running program. Three missions have been attempted so far. Andromeda 1 was the first launch attempt of the Agency's Alpha III rocket on 12 April 2014, part of the Foundation Day weekend celebrations. Andromeda 1 was a failure with the rocket engines refusing to ignite, presumably due to the light rain. It was followed by the Andromeda 2 mission on 21 June 2014, which was also a failure.

Studies showed that the rocket igniters failed to activate. Based on suggestions from Wheelspin Models, the suppliers of the rocket equipment, a new battery was acquired for the ignition system. After it was proven that the system would now work, the Andromeda 3 mission was carried out on 26 October 2014. This was the first successful rocket launch, however, the parachute failed to deploy resulting in the rocket being irrepairably damaged.

A new rocket was built, with the Andromeda 4 mission taking place on 18 October 2015. However, this mission was another failure.