The Ministry of Citizenship and Information is the government department responsible for overseeing citizen records as well as national statistics, archives, and this website. It oversees the Imperial Archive, the Imperial Statistics Office, the Imperial Institute of History and the Imperial Institute of Geography.

The Ministry oversees who holds each of the two types of citizenship (honourary and full). Thus, the Ministry has a citizen application form that you can fill in if you wish to become a citizen of the Empire. You can contact the Ministry via for more information.

Full Citizenship

In order to be accepted as a full citizen of the Empire, you must fulfil at least one of the following:
-Live permanently on Adammic land. The only real way of doing this is to arrange with the Office of the Emperor for your house to be annexed. For minors, this will require parental consent.
-Serve the Empire in battle. Members of the military, if a combat situation were to arise, would be rewarded with full citizenship. The Ministry of Defence strongly discourages provoking combat to achieve full citizenship.
-Contribute significantly to the Empire. Full citizenship is sometimes given as a reward.

Once a full citizen, you will be counted towards the population of the Empire. Full citizens have the right to vote in the National Elections (and in Local Elections if you live in a Province). You will enjoy all the benefits of citizenship in the Empire. However, you will be expected to follow all of our laws.

Full citizens who have not either a) lived in Adammic territory b) voted in any election or referendum or c) spent any time in official employment in the past year will be demoted to honourary citizens.

Honourary Citizenship

Anybody can apply for honourary citizenship provided your application is serious enough and makes sense. Honourary citizens have no rights or responsibilities (except what is guaranteed in the Supreme Directive), may not vote and do not count towards the population.

Honourary citizenship expires after 10 years unless it is renewed. You can do this at any time by contacting the Ministry through or any other means. This will have the effect of resetting the "timer".


The Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Hilton MP COA
(Liberal-Moderate Party)


Lord Sir David Hall, 1st Baron of Sapientia COA
(Labour Party)

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
(Liberal Party)

Lord Sir Callum Gurr, 1st Baron of Dankia Ulterior KCM KOF BA
2017 - 2018
(Liberal Party)

Lord Colonel Sir Asher Bond, 1st Baron of Elgaria Ulterior COA BA

Lady Madam Anna Worthington, 1st Countess of Serkatia Nova COA DOF BA
2018 - 2019 (as Minister of Patriotism)
(Storm Party)

Her Grace Lady Madam Sophie Thornton, 4th Duchess of Greater Tytannia DCM
2019 - 2020
(Liberal-Moderate Party)

Lady Madam Anna Worthington, 2nd Baroness of the Jebediah Hills MP COA
2020 - 2021
(Storm Party)