The Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia is the head of the Imperial Government. The incumbent Prime Minister is His Grace Lord Charles Michael.

Once per year, a general election is held in Adammia, electing half of the members of the Ruling Council via Single Transferable Vote. The Council then nominates one of its members to serve as Prime Minister. The Prime Minister must have the confidence of the Council, and as a result is usually the leader of the largest party or coalition within the Council. The Council's nomination is then approved by the Emperor.

The Prime Minister has a Deputy Prime Minister who fulfils the duties of the PM if the PM is not available, and a Director of Communications to manage the PM's media front. The current Deputy Prime Minister is Sir Edward Hilton. The post of Director of Communications is currently vacant.


His Grace Lord Sir Charles Michael, 2nd Duke of Metchlia PM COA
(Liberal-Moderate Party)


Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher DCM
2013 - 2016
(Independent / Moderate Party)

Lord Sir Paul McKenna, 1st Count of Maternia COA
2016 - 2017
(Labour Party)

His Imperial Highness Prince Jake KCM
(Liberal Party)

His Grace Lord Sir Alexander Helliker, 2nd Archduke of South Adammia KCM KOV
2017 - 2018
(Moderate Party)

Lord Colonel Sir Juliano Saunders, 1st Count of Astonia COA
2018 - 2019
(Storm Party)

Lord Sir Charles Michael, 1st Count of Elgaria COA
2019 - 2020
(Liberal-Moderate Party)

His Grace Lord Sir Juliano Saunders, 1st Archduke of Outer Adammia COA
2020 - 2021
(Independent Party)

The Rt. Hon. Lord Sir James Green, 1st Count of North Astonia MP PM COA
2021 - 2022
(Liberal-Moderate Party)