The Political Parties Act 2013 formally recognised political parties within the system, recorded on the Office of State's Political Party Register. There are currently five parties in the Empire.

Liberal-Moderate Party

The Liberal-Moderate Party was formed by the 2018 merger of the Liberal Party, founded by Emperor Adam I in 2013, and the Moderate Party, founded by Emperor Mother Jayne in 2015. It is currently the governing party with three out of six seats on the Ruling Council. It is led by Lord Charles Michael, the Prime Minister.

Radical Left Party

The Radical Left Party was formed by former Liberal-Moderate leader Lord James Green in order to contest the 2022 general election. It currently has one seat on the Ruling Council and serves as the main opposition party.

Storm Party

The Storm Party was founded by Lord Sir Juliano Saunders in 2018. It is currently in opposition, with one out of six seats on the Ruling Council. It is offically led by party president Lady Anna Worthington, but in her absence the party is led de-facto by Lord Callum Gurr and Lord Colonel Asher Bond.

Independent Party

The Independent Party was founded by Lord Sir Juliano Saunders in 2020, the second party to be founded by Saunders after the Storm Party. Despite previously serving in government, it currently has no Ruling Council presence, although it continues to have influence on Corellia's local council.

Dank Party

The Dank Party was founded in June 2018 by Lady Hermione Peace. It has previously served in government, but currently has no Ruling Council presence and is mostly inactive, having not taken part in the last election.

Adammic National Party

The Adammic National Party or ANP was founded in February 2016 by Sir Cavan Garfield. Despite a large membership of 8 members on paper, it has been inactive for several years.