For almost as long as the Empire has existed, there have been the nobles - powerful individuals each with their own section of the Empire's land. Arranged in a heirarchy based on the different levels of territory administration, the nobles rank from the highest Archdukes and Archduchesses who have entire Regions, through Dukes and Duchesses with Provinces, Counts and Countesses with Counties, and the smallest Barons and Baronesses with cities. Each tier can only be appointed by the noble above it, sometimes requiring the consent of the Monarch and the Ruling Council.

Nobles generally have positions in the local government of the Provinces they have land in. On a national scale, Dukes and Duchesses have seats on the Ruling Council, and can be Ministers in the National Government.

The Heirarchy

Archduke of North Adammia - HG Sir Reginald Hall COA

Duke of Greater Tytannia - HG Commodore Sir Joseph Daniels KOA

Count of Primoria - HIH Prince Jake
Lord Mayor of Adamsville - HIH Emperor Father Kevin
Baron of the Imperial Plains - General Lord Sir Guy Crossland COA
Baroness of the Jebediah Hills - Lady Madam Chloe Robertson COA
Count of Maternia - Lord Sir Paul McKenna COA
Countess of Watertopia - Lady Madam Julie Foster DOA
Lord Mayor of Attenborough - Lord Sir Matthew Foster KOA
Countess of Tytannia - HIH Emperor Mother Jayne COA
Baron of Sapientia - Lord Sir David Hall KOA
Lord Mayor of Imperial City - HG Sir Reginald Hall COA
Baron of the Tytannia Highlands - Lord Sir Ciaran Campbell COA
Baron of Tytannia Ulterior - Lord Sir Andrew Hall KOA

Archduke of South Adammia - HG Sir Alexander Helliker PM KOV

Duke of Serkatia - HG Colonel Sir Zak Maguire KOA

Duke of Alluria - HG General Sir Luca Panconi DPM KOA

Duke of Paternia - HG Callum Gurr


Archdukes, Archduchesses, Dukes and Duchesses all hold the style of His/Her Grace, spoken to as Your Grace. Counts, Countesses, Barons and Baronesses all hold the style of Lord/Lady, spoken to as Your Lordship/Ladyship. However, if the noble holds an Imperial style (Imperial Highness or Majesty), this overrides the noble style. Knights and Dames usually hold their style of Sir / Madam along with their other styles.