Legislation passed in 2016

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Imperial Decrees

Decree XXXVII Adam I (El Grandens)
Decree XXXVIII Adam I (Kappania)
Decree XXXIX Adam I (National Mourning)
Decree XL Adam I (Heraldry)
Decree XLI Adam I (Borealian Independence)
Decree XLII Adam I (Colonies)
Decree XLIII Adam I (Alluria)
Decree XLV Adam I (Colonies)

Acts of Council

Act 30 (Diplomacy and Terrorism Act 2016)
Act 31 (National Holidays Act 2016)
Act 32 (Elections and Diplomacy Act 2016)
Act 33 (Land Ownership Act 2016)
Act 34 (Esports Act 2016)
Act 35 (Public Finance Act 2016)
Act 36 (Budget 2016)
Act 37 (National Parks Act 2016)

Failed legislation

Act 34b (National Anthem Referendum Act 2016)
Decree XLIV Adam I (Recognition of the United States)