Legislation passed in 2013

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Imperial Decrees

Decree I Adam I (Military)
Decree II Adam I (Treasury)
Decree III Adam I (National Symbols
Decree IV Adam I (Territory, Provinces and Colonies) - NULL AND VOID
Decree V Adam I (Orders and Knighthoods)
Decree VI Adam I (State Media)
Decree VII Adam I (Censorship)
Decree VIII Adam I (Census and ID Cards)
Decree IX Adam I (Ownership of ABanimationLtd)
Decree X Adam I (Titles and Styles)
Decree XI Adam I (Military Reform)
Decree XII Adam I (Territory Reform)
Decree XIII Adam I (Diplomatic Recognition)
Decree XIV Adam I (Treasury Reform)
Decree XV Adam I (Topin Wagglegammon 2013)
Decree XVI Adam I (Amendments to Decrees)
Decree XVII Adam I (Annexation)

Acts of Council

Act 1 (Internal Procedures Act 2013) - NULL AND VOID
Act 2 (Political Parties Act 2013)
Act 3 (Foreign Citizen and Colony Liaison Act 2013) - NULL AND VOID
Act 4 (Government Ministries Act 2013)
Act 5 (Contributions Act 2013)
Act 6 (Place Names Act 2013)
Act 7 (Weather Office Act 2013)
Act 8 (Tytannia and Sapientia Act 2013)
Act 9 (Legislative Amendments Act 2013)