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Legislation in the Empire of Adammia comes in the form of Imperial Decrees and Acts of Council.


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Legislation passed in 2021

Acts of Parliament

Act 63 (Government Ministries Act 2021)
Act 64 (Budget 2020)
Act 65 (Investigations Act 2021)

Legislation passed in 2020

Imperial Decrees

Decree LXIX Adam I (European Union)
Decree LXX Adam I (Llanadda)
Decree LXXI Adam I (Diplomacy)
Decree LXXII Adam I (Provinces and Territories)
Decree LXXIII Adam I (Metchlia)
Decree LXXIV Adam I (Nobility)
Decree LXXV Adam I (Lagentia)

Acts of Parliament

Act 59 (Climate Emergency Act 2020)
Act 60 (Judicial Reform Act 2020)
Act 61 (Transgender and Non-Binary Recognition Act 2020)
Act 62 (Police Constable Elections Act 2020)

Legislation passed in 2019

Imperial Decrees

Decree LXIII Adam I (Diplomacy and Midgard)
Decree LXIV Adam I (Military)
Decree LXV Adam I (Provinces)
Decree LXVI Adam I (Serkatia and Xanada)
Decree LXVII Adam I (Nobility)
Decree LXVIII Adam I (Imperial and Military Symbols)

Acts of Council / Acts of Parliament

Act 53 (Great Reform Act 2019)
Act 54 (Amendments to Decrees Act 2019)
Act 55 (Defamation Act 2019)
Act 56 (Diplomacy Act 2019)
Act 57 (Government Ministries Act 2019)
Act 58 (Budget 2019)

Legislation passed in 2018

Imperial Decrees

Decree LV Adam I (Territories)
Decree LVI Adam I (Honours and Other Affairs)
Decree LVII Adam I (Sandal Castle)
Decree LVIII Adam I (Nobility)
Decree LIX Adam I (Diplomacy)
Decree LX Adam I (Provinces)
Decree LXI Adam I (Nobility)
Decree LXII Adam I (Provinces and Territories)

Acts of Council

Act 44 (Free Marriage Act 2018)
Act 45 (General Amendments Act 2018)
Act 46 (General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Act 2018)
Act 47 (Electoral Reform Act 2018)
Act 48 (Courts, Judiciaries and Juries Act 2018)
Act 49 (Court Procedures Act 2018)
Act 50 (Public Finance Act 2018)
Act 51 (Budget 2018)
Act 52 (Government Ministries Act 2018)