Legislation in the Empire of Adammia comes in the form of Imperial Decrees and Acts of Council.


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Legislation passed in 2018

Imperial Decrees

Decree LV Adam I (Territories)
Decree LVI Adam I (Honours and Other Affairs)
Decree LVII Adam I (Sandal Castle)
Decree LVIII Adam I (Nobility)
Decree LIX Adam I (Diplomacy)

Acts of Council

Act 44 (Free Marriage Act 2018)
Act 45 (General Amendments Act 2018)
Act 46 (General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Act 2018)
Act 47 (Electoral Reform Act 2018)
Act 48 (Courts, Judiciaries and Juries Act 2018)
Act 49 (Court Procedures Act 2018)
Act 50 (Public Finance Act 2018)

Legislation passed in 2017

Imperial Decrees

Decree XLVI Adam I (Inactivity Measures)
Decree XLVII Adam I (April Fools)
Decree XLVIII Adam I (Minor Nobility)
Decree XLIX Adam I (Colonies and Territories)
Decree L Adam I (Internal Procedures Amendment)
Decree LI Adam I (Alluria)
Decree LII Adam I (Paternia)
Decree LIII Adam I (Dual Residency)
Decree LIV Adam I (Nobility)

Acts of Council

Act 38 (Internal Procedures Act 2017)
Act 39 (Counties and Municipalities Act 2017)
Act 40 (Diplomacy Act 2017)
Act 41 (Government Ministries Act 2017)
Act 42 (Empire of Adammia Act 2017)
Act 43 (Budget 2017)