The Ruling Council is the upper chamber of the Imperial Parliament of Adammia. Representatives from each province vote on Acts of Parliament, which serve as the Empire's main legislation (there are also Imperial Decrees issued by the Office of the Emperor).

The Council holds two in-person meetings per year: the State Opening of Council in October (effectively the Empire's Annual General Meeting) and on Foundation Day in April. It can also meet online between these sessions. These meetings are organised by the Chair, constitutionally recognised as the Monarch. The Lord Chancellor acts as a Vice-Chair.

As well as enacting Acts of Parliament, the Council can vote to overturn Imperial Decrees. It must also approve any new Archdukes or Archduchesses appointed by the Monarch, and alongside the Monarch must approve any new Dukes or Duchesses appointed by the Archdukes or Archduchesses. The Council votes to approve candidates for a new Lord or Lady Chancellor.

Please see Legislation for a full list of Acts passed by Council.

Members of the Council

Each Province has two representatives on the Council. The first is a noble known as a Duke or Duchess who is appointed as part of the heirarchy of nobles. The second is an elected Councilor who is elected in an annual Local Election. This provides a balance between the representatives of the Monarchy (the nobles) and the representatives of the people (the Councilors). There is also the elected Delegate of the Colonies.

List of Members

Parties: Liberal-Moderate (LMP), Storm (STM), Independent Party (INP), Independent (IND)

Councilor of Greater Tytannia: HIH Emperor Mother Jayne MP DGCM (LMP)
Councilor of Metchlia: Rt. Hon. Lord Sir James Green PM MP COA (LMP)
Councilor of Corellia: Alex Lloyd (INP)
Councilor of Llanadda: HG Lady Madam Emily Simpson DCM (in lieu as Duchess) (IND)
Councilor of Sheaffia: Vacant

Duke of Greater Tytannia: HG Lord Sir Paul McKenna COA (IND)
Duke of Metchlia: HG Lord Sir Charles Michael MP COA (LMP)
Duchess of Corellia: HG Lady Lucy Griffiths MM (STM)
Duchess of Llanadda: HG Lady Madam Emily Simpson DCM (IND)
Duchess of Sheaffia: HG Lady Madam Sophie Thornton DCM (IND)

Delegate of the Colonies: Sir Joseph Norris MP COA (LMP)


Lord Chancellor: HIM Emperor Adam I
Sergeant-at-Arms: Lord Sir David Hall COA

Meeting Records

Meeting #84 - 25th January - 4th February 2022

Meeting #83 - 13th-22nd September 2021

Meeting #82 - 27th February - 23rd March 2021

Meeting #81 - 21st December 2020 - 7th January 2021

Meeting #80 - 11th-28th August 2020

Meeting #79 - 13th-20th April 2020

Meeting #78 - 27th October 2019

Meeting #77 - 11th June 2019

Meeting #76 - 4th June 2019

Meeting #75 - 30th March 2019


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