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The Colonial Council, officially the Colonial Council of Adammia, was a secondary legislature in the Empire of Adammia. Its purpose was to allow the Colonies of Adammia to contribute legislation to the Empire's primary legislature, the Ruling Council. Presided over by the Lord Chancellor, the Colonial Council could discuss bills which, if passed, were forwarded to the Ruling Council by means of the Delegate of the Colonies, which acted as a proxy seat for the Colonial Council on the Ruling Council. Each colony was allowed between one and three seats on the Council, which were filled according to the local laws of that colony. The Colonial Council could only discuss legislation which affected either only the colonies, or the entire Empire, as opposed to regular Acts of the Ruling Council which by default only affect the Empire's Provinces. The Colonial Council was closed down in March 2017.

The members of the Colonial Council at the time of dissolution were:
-HG Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield (El Grandens)
-Lord Sir Euan Carey (Kappania)
-Commodore Shogun Sir Daniel Pettinger (Dearneland)
-HH Princess Rebecca Spencer-Smith (Burghlia)
-HIM Emperor Adam I (Alluria)
-Colonel Sir Will McCracken (Midgard)
-Lord Sir Grant Hawkins (Adammic Columbia)