The Office of State is an administrative body responsible for ensuring that the the Empire is functioning as it should be. It organises elections and referendums, and records the Monarchy's Line of Succession, all of the state legislation, and the activity of the Ruling Council. It is part of the Imperial Civil Service, but is not answerable to the Prime Minister or any government minister, instead being under the direct oversight of the Ruling Council and the Monarch. The Office of State also manages the Political Party Register.

Another key function of the Office of State is that it acts as the Empire's constitutional court. It is responsible for interpreting the Supreme Directive if a case is referred to it by the Grand Court.

The leader of the Office of State is the Lord/Lady Chancellor. The current Lord Chancellor is HIM Emperor Adam I. The Chancellor is nominated to the Ruling Council by the Monarch, who then vote to accept him or her. The Chancellor serves for life unless the Monarch or Council removes them. The Chancellor is the highest-ranking individual in the Imperial Civil Service.