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The Order of Adammia is a chivalric order used to reward people who contribute to the Empire of Adammia. At the lowest level, male members are known as Knights and use the style of Sir, whereas female members are known as Dames and use the style of Madam (or Ma'am). Members who serve the Empire exceptionally may recieve the rank of Knight/Dame Commander. Knights hold the post-nominals of KOA, Dames DOA, and Knight/Dame Commanders COA. The Sovereign of the Order is the Monarch and only he can induct people into the Order.

Please note that the Order of Adammia is not a law enforcement or military unit of any kind, and is merely an honourary organisation.

Knight / Dame Commanders

-Sir Thomas Bennett COA
-General Lord Sir Guy Crossland, 1st Baron of the Imperial Plains, Slayer of the Mighty Nokia COA
-Sir Aidan Bridgeman of Aberfeldy COA
-Sir Damian Parker of Congleton COA
-Madam Becky Spencer-Smith of Gloucestershire COA
-Madam Sydney Saindon of Kansas COA
-Lord Sir Paul McKenna, 1st Count of Maternia COA
-Colonel Sir Will McCracken of Crediton COA
-Sir Grant Hawkins of Cleveland COA
-Commodore Sir Joseph Daniels of Bury St. Edmunds COA
-Sir Jack Sykes of St. Albans COA
-Sir Nathaniel Vincett of Aylesbury COA
-Madam Alice Sutton of Norfolk COA
-Lord Colonel Sir Asher Bond, 1st Baron of Elgaria Ulterior COA BA
-Lord General Sir Alexander Read, 1st Lord Mayor of VarwallCOA BA
-Sir Simon Garner of Chesterfield COA
-Lady Madam Julie Foster, 1st Countess of Watertopia COA
-Lord Sir Andrew Hall, 1st Baron of Tytannia Ulterior COA
-Lord Sir David Hall, 1st Baron of Sapientia COA
-Lord Sir Edward Hilton, 1st Count of Serkatia Vetera COA KOF
-Lord Sir Juliano Saunders, 1st Count of Astonia COA KD BSc
-Lady Madam Anna Worthington, 1st Countess of Serkatia Nova COA DOF

Knights / Dames

-Sir Samuel Grogan KOA
-Sir Jon of the South KOA
-Madam Stacey Barrett of Congleton DOA
-Madam Ella Smith of California DOA
-Sir Jordan Jones of Swindon KOA
-Sir Sean Gunther of Ottawa KOA
-Madam Sarah Stinnett of Oklahoma DOA
-Sir Richard Hytholoday of Clyro KOA
-Sir Joseph Kennedy of Montania KOA
-Lord Sir Matthew Foster, Lord Mayor of Attenborough KOA
-Sir Dan Pettinger of Barnsley KOA
-Sir Callum Fortune of Northampton KOA
-Madam Debbie Shaw - Dame of the Order of Adammia
-Sir Ryan Dawes of Chesterfield KOA
-Sir Jonny Blair of Northern Ireland KOA
-Sir Fabian van den Berg of the Netherlands KOA
-Sir Lewis Jennings of Rutland KOA
-Sir John Richardson of Doncaster KOA
-Sir Andrew Russell of Newcastle KOA
-Sir Shane Cahill of Leylandiistan KOA
-Sir Rody Scholtes of the Netherlands KOA
-Madam Bryony Weedon DOA
-Lord Sir Euan Carey, Lord of Kappania KOA
-Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield KOA
-Madam Cailyn Carpenter of Ontario DOA
-Sir Sufiyan Gaffar of London KOA
-Sir (redacted) of Washington KOA
-Madam Anna Darke of Reading DOA
-Sir Alex Hasioszyn of Dewsbury KOA
-Sir James Cox of Milton Keynes KOA BA
-Madam Meg Day of Stamford Bridge DOA
-Madam Anastasia Maciver of Brighton DOA
-Sir William Greenow of Worcester KOA MSci
-Sir Alexander Waters of High Wycombe KOA BSc
-Sir Jake Calcutt of Birmingham KOA BA
-Madam Ffion Williams of of Llanfair Caereinion DOA
-Madam Alicia Butteriss of Leicester DOA
-Madam Elizabeth Ecart DOA BA
-Sir Andrew Belcher of Knottingley KOA
-Madam Rachel Belcher of Knottingley DOA
-Madam Helen Botterill of Cottingham DOA
-Sir Curtis Moore of Mansfield KOA
-Sir Kyle Moore of Mansfield KOA
-Sir Alex Wagner of Shrewsbury KOA KD
-Lord Sir Charles Michael, 1st Count of Elgaria PM KOA
-Madam Emily Chomicz DOA
-Madam Tiffany Idle of Bedford DOA

Former members

-Her Grace Madam Winifred Hall, Duchess of Tytannia, 1945 - 2016 - Dame of the Order of Adammia

Note to members of the Order: please contact the Emperor if you would like to have your entry on this list edited or removed.