The Order of the Meerkat is a chivalric order used to reward people who contribute to the Empire of Adammia. It was created in 2018 to help reduce the size of the Order of Adammia, which it is above in precedence. The Sovereign of the Order is the Monarch and only he can induct people into the Order.

Knight / Dame Commanders

-Lord Sir Ciaran Campbell, 1st Baron of the Tytannia Highlands KCM
-His Grace Lord General Sir Luca Panconi, 1st Duke of Alluria DPM KCM
-His Grace Lord Sir Callum Gurr, 2nd Duke of Paternia KCM KOF BA
-Her Grace Lady Admiral Madam Emily Simpson, 1st Duchess of Pererria DCM DOF BA
-His Grace Lord Sir Alexander Helliker, 2nd Archduke of South Adammia PM KCM KOV KOF
-Lady Madam Chloe Robertson, 1st Baroness of the Jebediah Hills DCM
-His Grace Lord Sir Reginald Hall, 1st Archduke of North Adammia KCM
-His Imperial Highness Emperor Father Kevin, 1st Lord Mayor of Adamsville KCM
-His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Daniel KCM
-His Imperial Highness Prince Jake, 1st Count of Primoria KCM
-Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne, 1st Countess of Tytannia DCM

Knights / Dames

-Sir Toby McCrae of Surrey KM
-Colonel Sir Zachary Maguire KM
-Sir Edward Hilton of Ilkley KM
-Sir Juliano Saunders of Brasilia KM
-Sir Owain Davies of Watford KM MSci
-Her Grace Lady Madam Hermione Peace, 3rd Duchess of Greater Tytannia DM DOF
-Madam Sophie Thornton of Hallam DM BA
-Colonel Madam Emily Huffer of Shrewsbury DM
-Madam Anna Worthington of Glossop DM
-Sir Kenneth Belcher of Knottingley KM
-His Grace Lord Sir Christopher Hall, 1st Duke of Myway KM
-His Imperial Majesty Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia KM


-Miss Marie Wardle MM
-Mr. Simon Ward MM
-Mr. (censored) Austen MM
-Mr. Jack Rhodes MM
-Mr. Pace Beardsley MM
-Mr. Ben Cain MM
-Mr. Nathaniel Scarborough MM
-Mr. Ryan Dawes MM
-Mr. Dan Bennett MM
-Mr. Paul Baird MM
-Mr. Callan Contrino MM
-Miss Rowan Franklin MM
-Miss Shakera Green MM
-Mr. Craig Fletcher MM
-Mr. Joseph McColl MM
-Mr. Oliver Austin MM
-Mr. Andrew Field MM BA
-Mr. Fraser Moore MM
-Mr. Samuel Boardman MM
-Mr. Joshua Mackenzie MM
-Miss Eleanor Hall MM
-Miss Julia van den Berg MM BSc
-Miss Hannah Hunter MM BA
-Miss Lucy Johnson MM BA
-Miss Rachel Tindall MM BSc
-Miss Kathleen Verrechia MM BA
-Mrs. Karen Lockwood-Breadmore MM
-Mr. George Breadmore MM
-Miss Helen Botterill MM
-Mr. Curtis Moore MM
-Mr. Kyle Moore MM

Note to members of the Order: please contact the Emperor if you would like to have your entry on this list edited or removed.