His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I is the current Emperor of Adammia. He is also its first and therefore only Monarch to date. Emperor Adam founded the Empire of Adammia on the 13th of April 2013, one day after discovering micronationalism whilst researching for history homework. For the first two months of his reign, he ruled as an absolute monarch, until the June 2013 Supreme Directive created the Ruling Council, and since then he has been a constitutional monarch.

Adam was born on the 19th of February 1998. His brothers Daniel and Jake were born in 1999 and 2004 respectively. Adam engaged in a few micronational-like activities in his early life, the most notable of which was "Jakeland", a fictional entity which was said to exist on the Bajacalifornia Pensinsula of Mexico where the now Prince Jake was King and Adam was Prime Minister. At the time, Adam had no idea he was partaking in activities similar to micronationalism.

Founder of Adammia

Under the Supreme Directive, Emperor Adam I is recognised as the official Founder of the Empire, as he established its first territory on the 13th of April 2013 and created its first Supreme Directive (now replaced with the June 2013 edition) a few days later. The position of Founder carries with it two very large powers: the ability to choose the Head of State, even if the Founder is no longer Monarch (i.e. after having abdicated); and the ability to define the fundamental law of the Empire, in effect giving him the authority to replace the Supreme Directive. These two powers were implemented for use in absolute emergencies where Adammia might veer dramatically away from what Adam wants it to be.

Micronational Career

On 12 April 2013, while researching for history homework, Adam discovered micronationalism via Wikipedia. The exact sequence of events leading up to the creation of Adammia are unclear, but it is known that by the evening of 13 April, Adam's bedroom was claimed independent from the United Kingdom, with the first paper Adammia flag hanging on the wall. From this point forward he was the de facto Emperor of Adammia. On 15 April, Adam wrote the first draft of the Supreme Directive, and the final version was 'ratified' by Sir Alex of Poole, the only other citizen at that time, on the 19th. From this point onwards, Adam was de jure the Emperor of Adammia. Adam is yet to have a coronation.

For the first two months of his reign, Emperor Adam ruled as an absolute monarch. During this period, he expanded the Empire massively from its early state, annexing Tytannia, Sapientia and Maternia in April 2013 as well as expanding the Adammic Imperial Province from the original bedroom to the entire property. He founded the Military, the Treasury, and designed many of Adammia's official symbols. In May, he led the Military during its first engagement at the Skirmish of Tytannia, as well as entering Adammia into the Grand Unified Micronational. He appointed himself Archduke of West Adammia around this time. In June, his alliance with the Ordo Vladius led to a large population boost, and he also created the state media.

Towards the end of June 2013, Emperor Adam wrote a brand new Supreme Directive, which he presented on state TV on 23 June in a press conference. Under the laws of the existing Supreme Directive, a new fundamental law would require the approval of the people, so Adam organised Adammia's first public referendum on 30 June. The public unanimously proclaimed this new Supreme Directive and as a result he sacrificed his status of an absolute monarch. Now an executive constitutional Monarch, his Decrees were now subject to the scrutinity of the Ruling Council.

However, this did not slow down his micronational career. He won the local election to become Minister (now Councilor) of the Adammic Imperial Province (now Primoria), started the ID card project, and signed Adammia's first treaty with Burnham in July. Since then he has written and presented all the Acts passed by Council. In August he created the LIST Party, annexed Creatuxia, Adammia's first colony, and oversaw the election of Prime Minister Jayne Belcher. In September he became the Lord Chancellor of State. He was responsible for an Imperial Decree recognising dozens of other nations, and he played a major part in setting up the Ministry of Finance's Contributions scheme. In October, his Sixteenth Decree overhauled many of his previous Decrees, making changes to the titles and styles system, changing the national sport, and privatising his YouTube channel, which up until that point had been state owned.

Following the merge of Tytannia and Sapientia on 24 November 2013, Adam used his power as Archduke of West Adammia to replace Emperor Father Kevin with Crown Prince Daniel as the Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province, as the Crown Prince had just lost his position as Duke of Tytannia and Adam was keen to keep his brother as a member of the Ruling Council. This meant that the Emperor Father could no longer be Minister of Defence, and Adam volunteered to replace him. Shortly after, Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne appointed him Adammia's second Minister of Defence.

In 2014, the creation of numerous government agencies and companies saw Adam taking on dozens of small roles, directing many of the agencies and having a brief tenure as a temporary Minister of Infrastructure until being replaced with Sir Paul McKenna. Today, he performs most of the Empire's administration work as a general civil servant and agency director, handling citizenship records as Minister of Citizenship, leading the Military, as well as continuing to lead the general direction of the Empire and the Ruling Council as Emperor, representing the colonies as Delegate of the Colonies and the interests of his party, the LIST Party. On 15 July 2014, the citizens of the micronation DEONQED made Adam their new Emperor following a revolution. Adam merged this new gain with the rest of Adammia on 22 July 2014, creating Borealia, and promptly assumed the title of Emperor of Borealia. He lost the office of Councilor of Primoria to Crown Prince Daniel following the 26 July 2014 Local Elections, but was able to win the election for Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational in September 2014, serving a 3-month term as the first ever Adammic chairman of the organisation.


Here are some guidelines on how to address the Emperor:

-When talking about him you should refer to him as Emperor Adam, Emperor Adam I or simply The Emperor. Adam I will also suffice but it is recommended to not use it intermicronationally as it may cause confusion with the current reigning King of Überstadt, also named Adam I.
-When referring to him in a formal environment and the context makes it clear you are talking about him, you should refer to him as His Imperial Majesty or just His Majesty.
-When talking to him, you should use Your Imperial Majesty or Your Majesty when you first open conversation. From then on, you should refer to him as Sire. In an informal environment, it is acceptable to call him simply Adam.
-The Emperor may refer to himself as Our Imperial Majesty.

Official Full Style
This is the complete style held by the Emperor, including many of, but not all of, his various titles and offices. It is almost never used, and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I is the most common form of the style.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I of Adammia, Imperator Adammiae I, Founder of Adammia, Grand Marshal of the Military of Adammia, Field Marshal of the Adammic Army, Grand Admiral of the Adammic Navy, Air Chief Marshal of the Adammic Air Force, Lord Chancellor of the State of Adammia, Sovereign of the Order of Adammia, Sovereign of the Order of the Meerkat, Duke of Deira, Count of Penmine and Spildcastle, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the Wildebeest, Member of the Austenasian Order, Knight of the Ordo Fidelium

Latin Title
The Emperor has recently unofficially adopted a latin title. Unlike his official style, his latin title reflects the micronational and non-micronational positions of power he holds, including the Owner of Craftanium.


Emperor's Anthem

Under Imperial Decree III Adam I, the Monarch may have their own personal anthem alongside the National Anthem. Emperor Adam's anthem is J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, which has been his favourite piece of music since he entered micronationalism.