Dearneland was a Territory of the Empire of Adammia, surrounded by the county of South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. It was made up of an end-terrace house, a narrow driveway and a garage. It was most notable for being home to the headquarters of the Adammic Air Force, AAF Dearneland. It was 186m² in size. Its governor was Shogun Sir Daniel Pettinger KOA. It was disestablished in January 2018.

AAF Dearneland airbase covered the entirety of the territory. It was the headquarters of the Air Force and the Air Force's only unit, the 1st Imperial Air Group, was stationed there. Commodore Dan Pettinger, as the Chief-of-Staff of the Air Force and the leader of the 1st Imperial Air Group, oversaw all military activity there. There were an estimated 40 remote-controlled aircraft on-site, though the AAF only had direct access to around 3 of them. Facilities were available for the repair of aircraft and the construction of new ones. The site also had an amateur radio setup, making it the only place in the Empire with advanced radio communication capabilities, though again the AAF did not have direct access to this.