Watertopia is a province of the Empire. It is 217m² is size and has a population of 3. It is home to the Ministry of Information and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Attenborough is a city which makes up most of the province of Watertopia. At its center is a semi-detached house, 1 Boxall Road, currently home to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Information, as well as the Watertopia Barracks where the Watertopia Battalion is stationed. Attenborough also contains a garden known as Attenborough Park and a small shed, 2 Boxall Road. Forester's Common describes all the land in Watertopia which is not within the city of Attenborough. This applies to a small garden through which the M3 motorway runs on its way to the Adammia-UK border.

Local Government

HG Madam Julie Foster is both the Duchess and Councilor of Watertopia. The appointed police constable for the province is Major Matthew Foster.