Tytannia is the oldest of the Empire's provinces, and is also the largest, at 1302m². Often seen as a central hub of the Empire, Tytannia is home of almost all meetings of the Ruling Council, and the National Government also conducts much of its business from there. The Ministry of Finance, the Treasury and an army base can all be found in Tytannia. Its permanent population is 1.

At the centre of Tytannia is Imperial City, the capital city of the Empire. Here you will find White Gold Palace, home to many of the government's offices. Tytannia is split into three counties - Sapientia includes the government district of Imperial City and the Lowlands, whilst Tytannia Major includes the rest of Imperial City and the Highlands. The third county is Tytannia Ulterior, and is separate as a territorial claim. You can read about Tytannia Ulterior and the other territorial claims here.


Local Government

The Duke of Tytannia is HG Sir David Hall, and the elected Councilor is HG Sir Reginald Hall, Archduke of East Adammia. Emperor Mother Jayne is Countess of Sapientia, whilst HIH Crown Prince Daniel is Count of Tytannia Major, and Lord Sir Andrew Hall is Count of Tytannia Ulterior. Lord David Hall is the Baron of the Sapientia Lowlands. The appointed police constable for the province is HG Sir Reginald Hall.