Primoria is the home to Adammia's oldest territory - hence the name 'Primoria', coming from the Latin for first. The residence of the Imperial Family including the Emperor, Primoria is home to many government departments and entities such as the Office of the Emperor, the Office of State, and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Citizenship and Defence. It is 218m² in size and has a permanent population of 4.

Primoria has an open border with the UK facing south-west. This border is where Belcher Street begins as it makes its way past a small green area known as the Imperial Plains before reaching the city of Adamsville, where the government offices mentioned above can be found in 1 Belcher Street, also known as the Imperial Household. Behind the residence of the Imperial Family is Adamsville Park, which marks the back of Adamsville, leading on to a few extra metres known as the Jebediah Hills (named after the patron saint of Adammia) before reaching the opposite Adammia-UK border.


Local government

The title of Duke of Primoria has changed three times, more than any other province. From the province's creation in April 2013 until the date of the passing of the Tytannia and Sapientia Act 2013 in November of that year, the Duke was HIH Emperor Father Kevin. He was succeeded by HIH Crown Prince Daniel, who was Duke until being replaced with HIH Prince Jake by Imperial Decree XXVIII on 31 July 2014. The elected Councilor is HIH Crown Prince Daniel, succeeding HIM Emperor Adam I after the July 2014 Local Elections. The Baron of Adamsville is HIH Emperor Father Kevin. The local government has passed two Edicts, the first of which established the place-names seen on the map above the second made a number of adjustments to the first. The police constable appointed for the province is HIM Emperor Adam I.