Maternia is notable for being the current residence of the Prime Minister. It is one of the original provinces from April 2013, alongside Primoria and Tytannia. The province is 67m² in size and has a population of 2.

There are two entrances to Maternia. The only road in the province, William Way, starts at the back entrance and leads to 1 William Way, the home of the Prime Minister and the location of the Ministry of Citizenship. The other entrance is at the front of 1 William Way.


Local Government

The Duke of Maternia is HG Sir Paul McKenna PM KOA, succeeding the first Duke, Prince Jake. The elected Councilor is HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher COA. The only edict of the local government was to create the place-names on the map seen above. The police constable assigned to the province is HG Sir Paul McKenna.