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In the Empire of Adammia, a Province is the primary level of administrative division. There are five provinces in the Empire: Greater Tytannia, Metchlia, Corellia, Llanadda and Sheaffia.

All Provinces are represented on the Ruling Council by a landed noble and an elected Councilor, who act as the province's representatives on the Council. The landed noble holds the title of Duke or Duchess, and is appointed for life by the Archduke or Archduchess of the region which contains the Province. The Councilor is elected in a Local Election which takes place once per year. Local government is managed by a Local Council, comprised of all the residents above the age of twelve, a form of direct democracy.

Provinces have always been a key part of Adammic politics. The term was used before any official legislation regarding administrative divisions was written, and was even mentioned during the planning stages of the Empire before it was founded - the night before the 13th of April 2013, Emperor Adam I talked about claiming his bedroom as the "capital province" of his proposed nation.