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The Colony of Creatuxia was a Colony of the Empire of Adammia. It was surrounded by Sandbach, Cheshire, UK, and was 79,844m² in size. It was founded on 8 August 2013 and was led by High Lord Overseer Sir Damian Parker. As a colony, it had more autonomy than the provinces of the Empire about fifty miles away. Creatuxia was dissolved and its land ceded back to the United Kingdom on 19 April 2015.

Creatuxia was unique in the Empire as it was a large estate with several fields instead of a standard property comprised of simply a house and a garden. The large detached house was the residence and office of the goveror, the High Lord Overseer. Creatuxia was well-known in the Empire for being a centre of technology and computing. It also had the highest rate of automobiles per capita in Adammia.


The leader of Creatuxia was High Lord Overseer Damian "CreativeTux" Parker. Under the terms of the treaty that annexed Creatuxia, he held the title for life and it was hereditary. Creatuxia was represented on the Ruling Council by the Delegate of the Colonies, HIM Emperor Adam I, who maintained Skype contact with Lord Damian.