Foundation: 13th April 2013
Founded by: Emperor Adam I
Population: 51 (178 including honourary citizens. 24 citizens are territorial residents.)
Surface area claimed: 192,790m² (47.6 acres)
Location: Yorkshire, Birmingham, Gloucestershire, London and Bath, United Kingdom, and Brittany, France
Head of State: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
Motto: Quaerentibus sapientiam et honorem (Seek wisdom and honour)
National Anthem: Chariots of Fire
The Emperor's Anthem: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Official language: English
Official religion: Secular
Currency: Great British Pound (£)
Time zone: Universal Time (UTC-0)
National sport: Esports
National animal: Meerkat
Patron Saint: Gabe "GabeN" Newell
GDP: £47.03 (FY 2021-22)

How does the Empire of Adammia work?

Just like any country, Adammia has people (citizens), land (territory) and a government. The citizens that make up Adammia are mostly the friends and family of the Emperor. Its territory is made up of the houses of some of these people. There are three Provinces, five Colonies and three Territories at the moment. Despite its small size, the state has a very detailed government system.

Due to the fact that it has citizens, territory, a functional government and the capacity to enter diplomatic relations with other states, Adammia claims to be a sovereign state as defined by the Montevideo Convention of 1933.