The Ministry of Finance is the government department responsible for overseeing public spending and the economy in the Empire. It manages the Imperial Treasury, collecting Contributions for it and allocating spending from it to the other government departments. The Ministry of Finance is led by its Minister, His Grace Sir Reginald Hall DPM COA. The currency of the Empire is the Great British Pound.

At the moment, the MoF collects money for the government through the Contributions Scheme. Created in September 2013, all full citizens over the age of 18 living in or near the home regions are by default part of the scheme, unless they opt out. Citizens in the scheme pay a small fee, currently fixed at £0.50, every month to the Treasury. With 10 citizens currently in the scheme, the usual government income is at £5 per month. The Ministry of Finance would like to make it clear that the Contributions are NOT taxes. Whilst citizens themselves are not directly taxed, the profits of companies operating in Adammia are taxed at 20%.

Calculations by the MoF have shown that the Empire's GDP was £118.85 in the 2015-16 Fiscal Year, down 6.06% from the previous year. The fiscal year in Adammia runs from the 1st of October to the 30th of September.