The National Communications Agency is an agency of the Adammic National Government in the Empire of Adammia, operated by the Ministry of National Development. It is specifically responsible for regulating internet-based entetainment channels and internal postal services in the Empire. It was created on the 8th March 2014 by the Government Bodies and Postal Service Act 2014. Emperor Adam I, the Minister of Infrastructure, then appointed himself the Director of the agency.

Licensed YouTube channels

Channel 1 - Adammic Online Television - Operated by Adammic Online Broadcasting

Channel 2 - ABanimationLtd - Operated by A.B. Animation Ltd.

Channel 3 - VACANT (formerly CreativeTux)

Channel 4 - Mattys Gaming - Operated by Major Sir Matthew Foster

Channel 5 - JakeACake - Operated by HIH Prince Jake, Duke of Primoria

Channel 6 - VACANT (formerly Werton34)


PR1 - Adamsville
PR2 - Imperial Plains
PR3 - Jebediah Hills
TY1 - Imperial City
TY2 - The Lowlands
TY3 - The Highlands
TY4 - Tytannia Ulterior
MA1 - Maternia
WA1 - Attenborough
WA2 - Forester's Common
MY1 - Myway
MT1 - Elgaria
MT2 - North Astonia
MT3 - South Astonia
CO1 - West Corellia
CO2 - East Corellia
LL1 - Llanadda
SH1 - Sheaffia
LG1 - Turing
LG2 - Bain Hill
CD1 - Casa del Dank

JG1 - Jagstonian Plains
SC1 - Sandal Castle
XN1 - Xanada
AS1 - Ashoria