Arguably the oldest official organisation in the Empire of Adammia, the Military has existed since the 21st of April 2013, created to secure Tytannia Province during the first week of the Empire's existence. Today, the armed forces have grown to include 16 servicemen, spread over the Adammic Army, Adammic Navy and Adammic Air Force.

The overall commander of the Military is the Monarch, bearing the title of Grand Marshal. This of course means that HIM Emperor Adam I currently has complete control over the Military.

Adammic Army - Field Marshal Adam I

The army was the original branch of the Military, with the other two coming much later in August 2013. The army is the largest branch, with 14 members.

1st Infantry Division - General Lord Sir Guy Crossland COA

The 1st Infantry Division contains Adammia's infantry in and around the home provinces, which is 6 soldiers. Its operational range covers the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Western Regiment - Colonel Jake Belcher

The Western Regiment is the main infantry unit of the army. It protects the region of West Adammia, and has 2 servicemen. Typically, the Western Regiment is equipped with toy swords or wooden sticks.
Primoria Battalion - Colonel Jake Belcher
Responsible for protecting Primoria Province, the Primoria Battalion has 1 man.
Watertopia Battalion - Major Sir Matthew Foster KOA
The Watertopia Battalion is a one-man unit guarding Watertopia Province.

2nd Infantry Regiment - Colonel Sir Cavan Garfield KOA

The 2nd Infantry Regiment defends the territories of El Grandens and Kappania, which also act as outposts for defending Primoria. It has 3 men.

2nd Infantry Division - General Sir Luca Panconi KOA

The 2nd Infantry Division contains Adammia's infantry in and around the Colony of Alluria, which is 3 soldiers. Its operational range is the West Midlands region.

5th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Sir Zak Maguire KOA

The 5th Infantry Regiment is comprised of one soldier stationed in Alluria.

1st Medical Regiment - Colonel Madam Emily Huffer DOA

The 1st Medical Regiment is Adammia's only medical unit, and is comprised of a single medic.

3rd Infantry Regiment - Colonel Sir Will McCracken COA

The 3rd Infantry Regiment is a one-man unit stationed in Midgard.

4th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Sir Richard Hytholoday KOA

The 4th Infantry Regiment is comprised of one soldier stationed in Cornwall.

Imperial Guard - Sergeant Sir David Hall KOA

The Imperial Guard is an elite unit for protecting the Monarchy and the government. Its only member, Lord Sir David Hall, is the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Ruling Council.

Special Operations - Sergeant Sir Jack Sykes KOA

Special Operations is the Adammic Army's elite special forces unit. Its operations are classified.

Adammic Navy - Grand Admiral Adam I

The Navy was created back in August 2013, though it had no actual servicemen other than its commander, the Emperor, for several years. It now has two servicemen.

1st Imperial Fleet - Admiral Emily Simpson

The 1st Imperial Fleet is the Navy's only unit, stationed at Pererria Naval Base. It has one sailor, although it does not have any vessels.

Adammic Air Force - Air Chief Marshal Adam I

The Air Force was another creation of the August 2013 reforms. It has 2 servicemen.

2nd Imperial Air Group - Commodore Sir Joseph Daniels KOA

One of two Air Force units, the 2nd Imperial Air is a one-man unit operating from Alluria.


Bases operated by the military include: Tytannia Army Base, a meeting place and training ground for the Western Regiment; Watertopia Barracks, home to the Watertopia Battalion; AAF Jagstonia, the launch site of the Adammic Imperial Space Agency; and Pererria Naval Base, headquarters of the Navy.

Combat experience

The first time a unit was involved in an official battle was the Western Regiment on the 5th of May 2013, in what is referred to as the Skirmish of Tytannia. During this short, half-hearted engagement, a young autistic citizen damaged an army weapon, prompting a response on the part of the army.

The 1st Paper Air Group has launched test aircraft in the past.

Mixed forces from the former Special Operations unit, the Primoria Battalion and what was at one point the 2nd Infantry Regiment took part in the Skirmish of Astley Meadow on the 23rd of January 2014 in which they fought off an attack by a British insurgent known as Luke against the Emperor.