Arguably the oldest official organisation in the Empire of Adammia, the Military has existed since the 21st of April 2013, created to secure Tytannia Province during the first week of the Empire's existence. Today, the armed forces have grown to include 19 servicemen, spread over the Adammic Army, Adammic Navy and Adammic Air Force.

The overall commander of the Military is the Monarch, bearing the title of Grand Marshal. This of course means that HIM Emperor Adam I currently has complete control over the Military.

The Military is always looking for new recruits. In practice, the Military acts as a pool of volunteers who the government can call upon for a wide range of functions - the chances of being involved in a combat situation are extremely slim. Although military service is considered more of an active role than simply being a citizen, anything we may ask our volunteers to do is of course optional. Citizens can apply to enlist in the Military here.

Adammic Army

The army was the original branch of the Military, established in April 2013. The army is the largest branch, with 16 members. Its Field Marshal is Emperor Adam I, and its Chief of Staff is Lord General Sir Alex Read.

1st Division

The 1st Division contains Adammia's forces in and around North Adammia, which is 6 soldiers, commanded by Lord General Sir Guy Crossland. Its operational range covers the Yorkshire and Humber region. It consists of:

2nd Division

The 2nd Division contains Adammia's infantry in and around South Adammia, which is 4 soldiers, commanded by General Sir Luca Panconi. Its operational range is the West Midlands region. It consists of:

3rd Division

The 3rd Infantry Division contains the Empire's expeditionary infantry regiments, located outside of the core areas. It is commanded by General Sir Alex Read and contains of 3 soldiers. It consists of:

Army Reserves

Adammic Navy

The Navy was created in August 2013, though it had no actual servicemen until 2017. It now has three servicemen. Its Grand Admiral is Emperor Adam I, and its Chief of Staff is Lord Admiral Sir Christopher Hall.

1st Imperial Fleet

The 1st Imperial Fleet is the Navy's only unit, stationed at Myway Docks Naval Base, and commanded by Lord Admiral Hall. The fleet consists of one canoe, the HMIS Eagle, under Captain Debbie Shaw.

Adammic Air Force

The Air Force was created in August 2013. It has 3 servicemen. Its Air Chief Marshal is Emperor Adam I, and its Chief of Staff is Lord Commodore Daniels.

1st Imperial Air Group

The 2nd Imperial Air Group is a one-man unit operating from Loughborough, commanded by Lord Commodore Sir Joe Daniels.

Air Force Reserves


Combat experience

The first time a unit was involved in an official battle was the Western Regiment on the 5th of May 2013, in what is referred to as the Skirmish of Tytannia. During this short, half-hearted engagement, a rogue young citizen damaged an army weapon, prompting a response on the part of the army.

Mixed forces from the former Special Operations unit, the Primoria Battalion and what was at one point the 2nd Infantry Regiment took part in the Skirmish of Astley Meadow on the 23rd of January 2014 in which they fought off an attack by a British insurgent known as Luke against the Emperor.