The Ministry of Defence is the government department responsible for overseeing the armed forces and police force. The current Minister of Defence is His Grace Commodore Sir Joe Daniels KOA.

The Ministry does very little actual work, as the Military and Police generally internally govern themselves. The Ministry will, however, deal with applications to join the Military. If you are a full or honourary citizen and would like to enlist, address an email to the Ministry via Be sure to include relevant information, such as your usual location and the armed force you would like to enlist in (Army, Navy or Air Force).

DISCLAIMER: Enlisting in the Adammic Military is considered a much more serious committment than becoming a citizen. While the Empire refrains from real combat, we occasionally organise excursions in which there is a slim chance of a standoff with another party. However, no soldier will be forced to take part in the Military's operations, as we recognise that macronational committments are more important. If a serious situation were to ever escalate, we would involve the macronational police to defuse it. Remember, any involvement in any aspect of the Empire of Adammia should not be taken too seriously!