The Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia is the head of the Imperial Government. The incumbent Prime Minister is His Grace Sir Alex Helliker KOV PM, serving a term from November 2017 to September 2018.

Once per year, a National Election is held in Adammia. Every member of the Ruling Council is given the chance to nominate themselves as a candidate for Prime Minister (unless they are the Monarch or aged younger than 12 years old, in which case they are barred from being the Prime Minister under any circumstances). After being approved by the Monarch, the winner of the election becomes the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has a Deputy Prime Minister who fulfils the duties of the PM if the PM is not available, and a Director of Communications to manage the PM's media front. The current Deputy Prime Minister is HG General Sir Luca Panconi. The Director of Communications is currently vacant.