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The Imperial Government is the executive of the Empire of Adammia. It is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day affairs of the Empire and carrying out the wishes of the Monarchy and the Imperial Parliament. It is expected to enforce and follow the state's legislation. The state runs a parliamentary system, meaning the Imperial Government is held accountable to the Parliament.

The Imperial Government is led by the Prime Minister, the Head of Government. Its functions are split into several government departments, known as Ministries. Each Ministry is led by a Minister, who is appointed out of the members of the House of Citizens by the Prime Minister. The PM, their Deputy, their Director of Communications, and the Ministers make up a committee known as the Cabinet. The rest of the government, together with the Office of State, is known as the Imperial Civil Service. The distinction is that Cabinet is a political body and the Imperial Civil Service only performs administrative services, implementing the wishes of the Cabinet ministers.

The Cabinet

Prime Minister: Lord Sir Charles Michael PM KOA
Deputy Prime Minister: Lady Madam Hermione Peace DPM DCM DOF KD

Minister of Finance: Lord Sir Charles Michael PM KOA
Minister of Defence: Lord Sir Oscar Gilmour KOV
Minister of Foreign Affairs: HIM Emperor Adam I
Minister of Citizenship and Information: Her Grace Lady Madam Sophie Thornton DCM BA
Minister of National Development: Lord Sir Oscar Gilmour KOV

Government Ministries and their Agencies

Ministry of Finance:
His Majesty's Imperial Treasury
Imperial Companies Agency
Imperial Land Registry
National Employment Agency

Ministry of Defence:
Military of Adammia
Adammic Police Force

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Citizenship and Information:
Imperial Institute of History
Imperial Institute of Geography
Imperial Archive
Imperial Statistics Office

Ministry of National Development:
National Gallery
Adammic Imperial Space Agency
Adammic Weather Office
Transport Network Agency
National Communications Agency